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Median Salary Report: Project Managers Earn $65,000

2015 NSCA Compensation and Benefit Report shares integration industry salary trends, including what positions make what and who is poised for a raise.

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Do you earn enough?

Do you pay your employees too much or too little?

In its 2015 NSCA Compensation and Benefit Report the trade organization issues salary and benefits trends among integration firms on positions ranging from president to receptionist to installer to programmer.

The 2015 NSCA Compensation and Benefit Report is available to NSCA members and non-members here.

The report offers compensation data for 39 integration firm positions and is based on a survey of 77 companies. About a third of the firms have annual gross revenue of under $3M; a third with between $3M and $10M; and about a third with over $10M.

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Presidents and CEOs earn a median of $176,000; administrative assistants earn a median of $37,220; experienced sales people (non entry-level) earn a median of $80,458; senior or lead installers earn a median of $24.97 per hour and programmers earn a median of $31.71 per hour.

NSCA also offers salary increase projections. Administrative staff and executive positions are most likely to have gotten raises in 2015 while sales and technical positions are less likely to receive boosts.

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The report highlights what benefits integration firms tend to offer employees. Health insurance is by far the most popular with 93.5 percent of firms offering it to full-time staff.

NSCA also breaks down costs of benefits. For instance, health insurance costs the typical company $105,000 per year or 1.5 percent of total gross revenue and $3,571 per full-time employee.

Download the full 2015 NSCA Compensation and Benefit Report here.

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