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2 Key Reasons to Have an Audio Visual Equipment Provider: Advantages for Installers

Having an audio visual equipment provider at your side is a huge boon, especially when the product list just keeps stacking up.

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Reducing costs and making operations more efficient: these are the types of goals which sound like a New Year’s Resolution and not like something many business owners actually follow-through on. But having a trusted audio visual equipment provider can make those goals much more attainable.

Here’s what they can provide.


“The whole concept of consolidation drives lots of efficiencies across different areas of an organization,” says Jeffrey Wolf, Co-CEO, Herman Pro AV.

“If you can imagine today an integrator having a products list featuring 20 different manufacturers, typically they’d have to place an order with all 20 of them.”

That’s 20 purchase orders, 20 receipts, 20 shipments, 20 invoices, etc.

But, fundamentally, the consolidation concept significantly reduces costs and workloads required to manage every project and its necessary products.


Kitting and staging all of those products is another small nightmare in itself.

“With an audio visual equipment provider, you’re managing just one provider instead of those 20-or-so sources,” Wolf says.

“Manufacturers don’t tend to focus as much on the logistics. We can provide updates for the integrator every single day on every single product they ordered, as opposed to going to 20-or-so manufacturers for that same information.”

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Herman is in 18 core markets throughout the country, which Wolf says is a compelling offer for integration partners.

“We know they can achieve more by relying on us for consolidation, logistics, and a variety of other services to help them get the most out of their installations,” he says.

For more information on Herman audio visual equipment provider services, visit their website here.

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