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Digital Leader Author Erik Qualman to Tackle Transformation at NSCA’s BLC 2018

Keynote speaker Erik Qualman, author of best seller Digital Leader, will present ideas around transformation and third-box thinking at NSCA’s BLC 2018 (Business & Leadership Conference).

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Meet Erik Qualman, author of Digital Leader and NSCA BLC 2018 keynoter.

NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson knows many of the association’s members are struggling with the new workflow in a world of transformation where business relevancy remains the most pressing topic.That’s why Erik Qualman, author of best-selling Digital Leader, is the ideal choice to be lead the Executive Power Hour on innovation by design and digital leadership at NSCA’s BLC 2018 (Business & Leadership Conference) in Dallas from Feb. 28 to March 2.

Some have called Qualman the Digital Dale Carnegie or the Tony Robbins of Tech. Even Al Roker has weighed in on Qualman (see video below).

Some have called Qualman the Digital Dale Carnegie or the Tony Robbins of Tech.

In terms of connecting Qualman’s vision with the AV integraiton industry, Wilson hears stories from business leaders who are increasingly nervous about leading their companies as technology continues to change at a record-setting pace, but they also worry about the idea of handing over the keys to the kingdom to some of the younger people in the company.

Qualman, a sitting professor at Harvard and MIT’s edX labs, knows The Jetsons has always been looked at as the future of almost everything, but he believes it’s equally important to look to another cartoon from that era for inspiration too.

“Those who act like the Flintstones and the Jetsons win,” Qualman says. BLC 2018 attendees can expect to hear him touch on five commonalities among successful business leaders, even as technology changes. It’s important to maintain the relationships you’ve built in the same way, he says.

BLC 2018 Speakers to Challenge Conventional Business Thinking

Summit Group founder and CEO Gary Kunath, meanwhile, will teach BLC attendees how to create business values using what he calls “third-box thinking” in another keynote presentation. That third box, which Kunath says has been directly responsible for $300 billion in sales, helps those who employ it to think higher, wider and deeper. He’ll also be part of a leadership breakout session during BLC 2018.

Kunath professes the importance of simplicity in how he approaches business, saying, “I like to make my numbers and be home for dinner.” Clearly, that’s a style that’s worked for him since he’s done sales training for about 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

He’s likely to talk during his keynote about how company leaders can determine the value that transcends what they sell by looking at the value proposition “your customer lives and dies by.”

“Give me the why behind the what,” says Kunath. “I only speak ‘customer-ese.’”

Wilson urges all BLC 2018 attendees—and those who want to learn more about the event—to download the show app from the App Store by searching BLC 2018.

BLC 2018 kicks off Feb. 28 with the annual NSCA Education Foundation golf outing, followed by an awards dinner that night. The conference schedule encompasses most of March 1 and 2.

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