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PSA Security Network to Help Integrators Hire Military Veterans for AV Jobs

PSA Security Network members have access to the SalesMarines hiring program, which helps U.S. military veterans find AV jobs in integration.

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PSA Security Network to Help Integrators Hire Military Veterans for AV Jobs

Integrator member companies of the PSA Security Network can now utilize Matterhorn Consulting services to hire United States military veterans for AV jobs. The veteran hiring program, SalesMarines, is a new service from Matterhorn Consulting that helps veterans from the U.S. military find employment, matching up employers’ integration job needs with veterans’ skill sets.

“Implementing a veteran hiring program can be very challenging for many PSA Security Network owners and we wanted to demystify and simplify the risk and process,” says Paul Boucherle, CPP, CSC, founder of Matterhorn Consulting. “We are leveraging our 39 years of security industry experience and six years of military service to help veterans and infuse integrators with strong, disciplined and well-trained.”

SalesMarines dives deep into a veteran’s skill set to identify what AV jobs they already qualify for, but also what integration training and education opportunities are available to challenge the veterans to achieve their employment goals. The team also works closely with AV employers to establish productive relationships with the veterans that would fit within the company culture. They offer support to the employer on the specialized hiring process and benefits that are associated with this classification of employment.

“Employing our United States veterans is a fundamental way to give back to those who have fought for our country,” says Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. “Paul and his team have demonstrated the devotion to helping veterans make the switch into civilian life and PSA Security Network is honored to provide this partnership to our integrators, opening the job pool up for these brave individuals.”

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The PSA Security Network Business Solutions program is a suite of value-added resources and services to help enhance integrators’ business models, reduce operating costs and keep them competitive in the marketplace. For more information about the complete suite of business solutions and to learn more about AV jobs for veterans, visit their website.

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