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Almo Says Nobox AV Services Will Help Integrators Earn Recurring Revenue

Almo Professional A/V launching Nobox to help AV integrators grow beyond selling products with service contracts and managed services.

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Almo Says Nobox AV Services Will Help Integrators Earn Recurring Revenue

Almo Professional A/V has become one of the go-to names in AV distribution largely because of its ability to distribute thousands of boxes from hundreds of companies who are all in the business of creating memorable AV experiences.

So, perhaps you’re surprised to learn Almo is launching a new initiative it calls “Nobox,” an AV services suite for integrators that’s “designed to expand your capabilities and impact your bottom line,” according to the company announcement.

“We sell a lot of products and we do that well,” says VP of marketing Melody Craigmyle.

“But we’ve been talking a lot about growth through AV services, such as recurring revenue and service contracts. Nobox is a way of empowering growth beyond products. Everyone knows the margins on products are getting thinner. You can’t just offer boxes.”

Almo Nobox AV Services Include:

  • Almo network laborers, programmers, designers and technicians who are focused on improving business communications
  • digital signage content creation and hosting
  • control systems and DSP programming
  • labor and project support
  • service and repair plans
  • hosted surveillance and security
  • remote asset monitoring

“It can sometimes be prohibitive for dealers to make that pivot,” says Craigmyle. “This is a way for integrators to expand the relationships with their customers.”

Because Almo is part of a billion-dollar company, they have the ability to extend credit to integrators who are looking to launch a recurring revenue model, says Craigmyle. And Nobox isn’t restricted only to our dealers, she says. Officials can craft custom packages based on an integrator’s needs, says Craigmyle.

“This can truly be the starting point for a lot of integrators,” she says.

Click here for more information about and to register for Almo Nobox.

Almo Experience Room at InfoComm 2018

Almo is also showcasing an experience room featuring the Biamp Systems Devio product line, which is offered by Almo throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

Live demonstrations are being led by Brian Rhatigan, director of business development for Almo Professional A/V, in the onsite meeting space room N240] on Wednesday at noon and 3 p.m.; Thursday at 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.; and Friday at noon. To schedule a demo, contact Brian at

Almo InfoComm 2018 booth [C3484] includes ongoing demonstrations of the NEC V554 as a media player with Raspberry Pi (RPi). The NEC SoC powered by RPi is being shown as a media player option.

The company has written exclusive custom programming that plays the content automatically. The display is showing digital signage content via Almo’s cloud-based access.

Almo is the only exhibitor on the InfoComm 2018 show floor to showcase the new Samsung Electronics QLED home entertainment TV, which Craigmyle says has applications in board and meeting rooms among other commercial applications.

The TV features ambient mode to play music, news updates or to mimic the pattern on the wall to blend into the room. It’s available in both a flat and curved option.

Almo will also be sponsoring the free InfoComm 2018 opening reception Tuesday, June 5, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace.

The 75,000-square foot, multi-level night club features AV technology that will get your InfoComm experience off to a great start.

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