Liberty AV on Unifying the Customer-Support Experience with CXDetect

CI chats with Mike Vivian, VP of sales at Liberty AV solutions on how their CXDetect program can help integrators increase profitability.

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CI: How do Liberty AV’s solutions present integrators with an opportunity for recurring revenue?

Mike Vivian, VP of sales, Liberty AV solutions: CXDetect was developed specifically with recurring monthly revenue for system integrators in mind. It is a remote monitoring and remediation software platform that enables system integrators to be able to offer managed service platform and integrate that into their standard service level offering to their clients. It’s a high margin profitability opportunity for system integrators. If they don’t have the staff to do monitoring themselves, they can rely on our CX support plus call center and network operation center.

CI: How will Liberty AV solutions allow integrators to expand their offerings or solve new business challenged for customers?

MV: Liberty AV’s CXDetect solves a couple of problems for system integrators: #1) How do I provide a managed service offering to my clients without having to make the investment in human capital; #2) have that infrastructure built before I have the ability to sell the product. We’ve solved that problem by developing a call center and network operation center that integrators can then outsource and utilizing CXDetect, can then offer a managed service platform and then drive recurring monthly revenue from that. They can take it, integrate it into their own network operating center, if they want to, and then offer that as a recurring monthly revenue opportunity. They can also offer it as a software platform for end users to use on-prem and then get recurring monthly revenue from the software proceeds as a result of the sale of the software platform.

CI:  Do Liberty AV Solutions help integrators overcome market challenges and increase profitability?

MV: Some of the challenges that integrators are facing today is how can they improve profitability on a hardware sale in a integration type business, where the hardware is becoming more and more commoditized and the labor is being more scrutinized. Since these systems are essentially plug-and- play systems, the complexities is being driven out of these hardware systems, integrators are challenged to find new ways to drive revenue into the business.

Liberty AV’s CXDetect provides them with a large opportunity to offer managed services along with these hardware sales for day two operations and support. The margins on this are significantly higher than the integration businesses normally used to. These margins allow for increased factoring of the valuation of the business. Any integrator that has ongoing contracts and accounts with clients for managed services can look to somewhere around six acts in factoring for their valuation of their business. If you have the ability to offer clientele that’s tied into contracts, and monthly RMR at high profit margins, it dramatically increases the profitability and the valuation of your business.

CI: How can people find out more about Liberty AV and its portfolio of solutions?

MV: Integrators can go to to learn more about our software platforms. They could simply reach out to one of our sales reps within the field, and they’ll see a list of sales reps on the website. Or, simply, just give us a call and we’ll happy to run through a demo. We offer a 45-day proof of concept training with integrators. It’s no charge— we’ll help you get integrated into the software platform and give you the comfort needed with this platform in order to achieve the results you’re looking for.

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