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Distance Learning

Distance Learning is About a Lot More Than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

You don’t have to be a student to be part of the distance learning revolution. Most people are part of it now whether they know it or not.

Videoconferencing Habits, Videoconferencing Trends

What Customers Now Expect From Videoconferencing Rooms

Customers now have sky high expectations that meeting rooms will be both safe and provide exceptional AV quality after a year of remote work.

Distance Learning

Schools Will Still Need AV After The Pandemic

Schools are starting to reopen fully, but pandemic-induced distance learning may have opened their eyes to new possibilities.


Listen Technologies Launches ListenTALK 2.0

Expanded ListenTALK functionality ‘simplifies simultaneous language interpretation’ in corporate, entertainment, worship and school settings.

Microsoft, benefits of microsoft 365 business and ROI

What Pro AV Can Learn From Microsoft’s Work Trends Index

What role does the pro AV industry have in the new normal of hybrid and flexible work? Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trends Index could provide some valuable insight. According to the company’s inaugural report on our work habits, we could be on the brink of a next great disruption to the way we work with teams […]

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Brings Live Transcripts To Teams: What This Means For Meeting Room Audio

Microsoft’s new live transcription feature in Teams means that your customers will need high quality audio solutions for better accuracy.

Office Space COVID-19

Report: Companies Scale Back Office Reduction Plans

According to a survey, global companies are thinking twice about reducing their use of office space as the pandemic improves.

How Integrators Can Thrive in the Evolving Corporate AV Market

NSCA roundtable session during Almo virtual E4 spring event focuses on the changes in corporate AV and what it means for integrators.

Microsoft, benefits of microsoft 365 business and ROI

Microsoft Is Experimenting With Hybrid Work Tools As Company Begins Transition

Microsoft is utilizing multiple screens, cameras and mixed reality devices as the company begins its hybrid work model this month.

Smart Buildings Pro AV market

Where Pro AV and Smart Buildings Meet

With a renewed focus on connectivity and data, the smart building market is an attractive opportunity for system integrators.

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