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Eight Ways to Make Hybrid Work Fair

Keeping hybrid work schedules fair among organizations going forward will be a challenge, but there are multiple ways for a team to do it successfully.

Google Integrates Google Meet with Glass

Workspace users can now open Google Meet calls on their Glass device.

LynTec Announces Q-SYS Control Plugin

After extensive development and testing, the LynTec Plugin for Q-SYS for web-enabled power control solutions is now available.

What Are Employees Biggest Concerns About Returning to the Office?

Qualtrics conducted a study of adult employees across the U.S. that found attire, office conditions, and various others as top concerns.

Microsoft Integrates Teams and Dynamics 365

Microsoft will enhance capabilities in Teams, Dynamics 365, and Viva with multiple new updates.

Making Conference Audio Simpler to Install

When it comes to conference audio end users think it’s simple, while integrators know it’s complex. The right manufacturer partner can help assuage that complexity.

JVC PTZ cameras

JVC Professional Video Announces New Line of PTZ Cameras

The AV company will be releasing three new 4K and HD PTZ cameras that provide NDI|HX and SRT enhanced streaming features.

180 ePTZ Camera

New ClearOne UNITE® 180 ePTZ Camera Delivers 180-degree Panoramic View

The 180 ePTZ cameras provides six different viewing modes for room and participant close-ups ideal for visual collaboration.

Nvidia’s Video Conferencing with a Still Image Could Be Available Soon

Nvidia has created an AI-powered system that will allow video conferencing participants to attend meeting with a still image instead of a videocam.

How To Best Optimize Audio In Conference Rooms

In conferencing, you want a comfortable constant level of audio. The all-too familiar phrase, “Can you hear me now?” can become annoying and audio levels that go up and down throughout the meeting can become fatiguing over time. Integrators must ensure the sound coming out speakers in meeting rooms sound rich and full. However, each […]