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Microsoft Teams, Crestron, Microsoft Teams License

Teams Was Down Monday… Because Microsoft Forgot to Renew A License

Microsoft’s week got off to a bad start when in forgot to renew a license, causing Teams to be unavailable for a large part of Monday.

Sensory Technologies

Diversified Acquires Sensory Technologies, Strengthening Offerings in the U.S.

Diversified’s latest acquisition of Sensory Technologies expands domestic footprint & continues growth of service offerings in Midwest and Northeast U.S.

Coronavirus Zoom

The Coronavirus Could Bring A Higher Demand For Videoconferencing Solutions

Judging by Zoom’s stock price, investors think videoconferencing companies will profit off of the coronavirus outbreak as employees work remotely.

Sympohny v 4.9. John Zettel, CEO, AVI-SPL, SAMA Excellence Awards

AVI-SPL Launches Symphony v4.9 for Monitoring and Control of Collaboration Environment

AVI-SPL Symphony v4.9 gives users access to integrated end-to-end workflows and adds additional insights on both AV and unified communication systems.

Barco Whitepaper, conference room whitepaper

Research: Technology Will Dominate The Conference Room

A whitepaper from Barco and research firm Savanta suggests technology plays an inherent role in making conference room meetings more engaging and bearable.

Google Unified Communications

Google is Reportedly Developing A Slack-like App

Google is again trying its hand at a unified communications app in a bid to take market away from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Barco ClickShare Conference

Barco ClickShare Conference Lets Users Join Video Conferences

Barco ClickShare Conference is centered around “Bring Your Own Meeting” as it gives users the chance to join with any device.


Spread of Coronavirus Could Have Widespread Ramifications on Pro AV Industry

From manufacturing and delivery of AV products to ISE 2020 travel plans, there are plenty of ways the coronavirus could alter the AV industry.

Smart Glasses Zoom

Is Virtual Reality Coming To Video Conferencing?

A smart glasses company is now offering a Zoom videoconferencing app for its products after clients said they wanted the functionality.

FindTime, meeting scheduling

Need Help Finding the Right Time to Meet? The FindTime Meeting Scheduling Add-On Could Work

FindTime meeting scheduling add-on for Outlook is one of many things we can do to make our meeting process easier and more efficient.