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Remote Workers Should Be Paid the Same as Office-Based Colleagues

Workplace trends expert says businesses could face lawsuits if they base employee pay on where they work, but different perks might be OK.

Workification, home office networks

What Role Pro AV Integrators Play in the ‘Workification’ of Home Offices

Home-based networks aren’t just a temporary solution now. AV integrators play a critical role in helping employees and protecting companies.

Smart Speakers

Facebook Wants Workers To Take Video Calls From The Couch

Facebook is adding support for Zoom and GoToMeeting on its PortalTV device, making the largest screen in the home a videoconferencing display.

Best states for working from home

Which States Are the Best and Worst for Working from Home?

WalletHub rankings of Best States for Working from Home and includes reasons why each state ranked where it did.

av leaders, employee stress, Video Calls Distracting

Study Finds Video Calls Lead To Distracted Driving

Survey finds that 54% of Americans who drive after video chatting reported have trouble concentrating on the road.

Hybrid Work Meeting Rooms

How The Pandemic And Hybrid Work Are Changing Meeting Room Needs

Unified communications and collaboration experts say hybrid work is more than a buzz word, and AV integrators need to take note.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Makes Statement With New Devices, Features In Webex

Cisco is aiming to take a chunk of market share away from Zoom and Microsoft with new features and devices for Webex.

Cisco Webex

New People Insights Feature Coming to Webex

Cisco will launch a new feature for better collaboration insights and an intelligent reframing tool for video calls.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is About a Lot More Than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

You don’t have to be a student to be part of the distance learning revolution. Most people are part of it now whether they know it or not.

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