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Education pivot point

Education Integrators Hit a Pivot Point

Tremendous strains on both K-12 and higher education customers have dramatically altered demands and require education market integrator to re-evaluate their offerings.

Virbela: A Company That Creates Virtual Reality Office Space

Virbela built a software that allows companies to create their own virtual office space for employees using virtual reality.

Five Ways to Align Remote Teams’ Goals

Tips for ProAV leaders to keep their remote teams connected and engaged to the company’s big picture goals.

Five Predictions for the Future of the Office

There are multiple ways companies will have to redesign their workspaces to adapt to what the office will look like in the future.

The Right Questions to Ask About Returning to Work

Instead of only focusing on how to return to work, employers should look at many potential problems going forward as we make our way out of the pandemic.

Employers Fear Pushback from Staff with Office Reentry

With offices beginning to open back up, many companies are fearful of conflict arising due to their reentry plans.

Zoom Expands Platform Capabilities

Expanded SMS Support, Chat Enhancements, and post-meeting surveys have been added the to growing list of features for Zoom.

Zoom Introduces New Apps

The videoconferencing provider has added dozens of new apps to help turn their app into a platform.

Biamp Announces 2021 Charitable Grant Recipients

The Charitable Grant Program supports organizations helping underserved causes in communities.