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temperature scanning best practices

The State of Temperature Scanning: What’s on the Market, Best Practices, More

These temperature scanning best practices will help integrators expand their offerings in a time when customers need these solutions the most.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Creatively Solving the Cell Service Problem: Episode 120 of AV+

We hear from Scott Lucas of Wilson Electronics about how several large organizations saved their face by investing in cell signal boosters.


Red Thread PurifySpaces Air Purification System Promotes Health and Safety

PurifySpaces by Red Thread offers effective air cleaning using Bluezone technology to help workers, students, teachers and health care workers stay safe.

Don’t Miss: Business Analytics in the Modern Office

For those that couldn’t attend our recent webinar on business analytics in the modern office, it’s not to late to benefit from this informative webinar.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Don’t Ignore Power for AV Projects: Episode 118 of AV+

Power management: it’s not the most exciting topic in pro AV. At best, it’s treated as an add-on. But that needs to change.

Janus Plenum, motorized shading

Janus Plenum Motorized Shading Control Meets Strict Fire Standards

SI’s Janus Plenum power/control hub meets stringent fire/smoke requirements of NEC, NFPA, & UL, offering integrators a motorized shading solution.

monitoring-based commissioning

The Right Way to Turn HVAC and Building Systems Back On as Campuses Reopen

Reopening campus buildings cannot be done with the flip of a switch. Here’s how monitoring-based commissioning can help get HVAC back up and running.

AV technologies

AV Technologies That Can Ease Transitions Back to Work

Many companies are heading back to the office and will likely find it looking quite different than they left it before the coronavirus outbreak.

Direct Supply at-risk human perimeter system

At-Risk Human Perimeter System Keeps Senior Residents Safe

Direct Supply monitoring solution features video surveillance, intercoms, and an at-risk human perimeter system at senior care facility.

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