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Inside Times Square Church stage where the crowd is performing in front of a packed audience; two loudspeakers are also hanging on either side of the stage.

Times Square Church Delivers Clear Audio with DiGiCo & L-Acoustics System

SES Integration installed a sonically beautiful system using DiGiCo and L-Acoustics to match the visual splendor of Times Square Church, a New York City landmark.

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Creating a Sustainable Future

Integrators have always had a vital role to play in sustainable design for buildings, attractions and experiences. Now, integrators are also rallying to recognize environmental degradation.

Interior of a smart home with a security system on the wall.

The Future of Design is Smart

Understanding both the enterprise-integration domain and the residential-integration world is an obvious way for integrators to stand out.

Marshall Furniture

6 Principles for Selecting & Designing Technical Furniture

The look, feel and function of your AV furniture solution should always be considered for optimal performance.

Screenshot of Jetbuilt technical data fields.

Jetbuilt Adds Technical Data Fields to Enhance Engineering Process

Jetbuilt’s technical data fields will further serve engineers by providing a clear view of what is needed to accommodate system installation.

Visual representation of waves of sound in a workspace.

Body and Brain: How to Bring the Benefits of Nature Soundscapes Indoors

Discover the various ways in which nature soundscapes improve well-being and productivity in indoor spaces.

Person wearing VR headset. Behind is a display screen showing the room in VR.

How Integrators Can Benefit from Virtual Reality

AVI-SPL and Modus VR reveal how using VR-as-a-Service can accelerate and improve the design process for integrators, end users and other stakeholders.

Smart buildings will be a big part of our collective future.

Building-Technology Trends for Safer, More Sustainable Environments

As people continue to occupy buildings in this new environment, we will likely see five important building-technology trends this year.

A modern home at night.

Collaborating Beyond Technology

Sometimes, collaboration is about specialists on a project who come together to make everything work.