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buy IAQ purifiers

Americans Would Like to Buy IAQ Purifiers

Recent survey finds 70% of respondents are willing to buy IAQ purifiers that can remove viruses from the air.

Johnson Controls sprinkler monitoring solution

Smart Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Solution from Johnson Controls is a Connected Device

Johnson Controls says sprinkler monitoring solution alerts building managers to a potential issue before it becomes a costly problem.

Zigbee Alliance Commercial

Zigbee Alliance To Create IP-based IoT Standards for Commercial Spaces

The Zigbee Alliance is forming a team of tech experts dedicated to the development and promotion of IoT standards for commercial buildings.

The Economics of In-building Wireless for Integrators

The benefits of installing an FCC Part 20-approved, passive DAS cellular coverage solution in commercial and industrial spaces with WilsonPro to increase efficiency and profits.

The Importance of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

The right power solution can make sure the power you need will be there for you around the clock, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AV industry podcast, The Next Generation of Energy, Rosewater Energy

The AV Industry’s Latest Podcast Focuses on an Underrated Topic

The Next Generation of Energy aims to help integrators understand why reliable power is the foundation for their clients’ AV systems.


NuWave Launches OxyPure Air Purifier School Donation Program to Help Battle Coronavirus

NuWave donates 100 OxyPure air purifiers to Help Support in-person classroom instruction in the nation’s schools during COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortnite Virtual Concert

Far Right Production, grandMA3 Light The Way For Fortnite Concert Series

Using lighting controls from grandMA3, Georgia-based Far Right Productions helped launch a virtual concert series — in Fortnite.

IAQ rating, indoor air quality maintenance

Offering Indoor Air Quality Maintenance May Boost Integrator Revenue & Help Fight Another COVID Wave

Indoor air quality maintenance and IAQ rating are two additions integrators should consider making to their arsenal of services.

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