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Commercial Integrator Office

What I, A Millennial, Like About Commercial Integrator’s New Office

CI’s new headquarters is definitely a place that I, a millennial, will enjoy coming to every day. Pro AV integrators should think the same way.

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile’s 5G Network Is Here

T-Mobile claims to be the first major carrier to unveil a nationwide 5G network. AV integrators should start taking 5G seriously.


TV Armor Announces Series of Screen Protectors and Enclosures for TVs, Monitors and Video Walls

TV Armor reseller program helps connect more people than ever with the company’s line of screen protectors and enclosures.

Healthcare Technology Market

What Integrators Need To Know About The Healthcare Technology Market

The healthcare market is as stable as any other pro AV vertical, but there are several barriers to entering the niche market.

Belden DCX Optical Distribution Frame Optimizes Fiber Infrastructure ROI

Belden DCX optical distribution frame maintains signal integrity and system usability with what company officials say is ‘unlimited scalability.’

Wheel Of Fortune

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Solves Puzzle of Aging Lighting with New LED Fixtures

Ayrton Khamsin compact LEDs require less power than old Wheel of Fortune lighting fixtures and mean less maintenance for game show staff.


AV Integrators Beware: 5G Has Some Security Flaws

Researchers at two U.S. universities have found that 5G networks carry some security flaws that hackers could easily exploit.

eco friendly office

The Eco Friendly Office Features Employees Want

Over half of the office workers surveyed in this research say that not enough is done at their workplace to institute eco friendly office practices.

Strobe Lights Sports, sports strobe lights

What is Pro Sports’ Obsession with Strobe Lights?

The NFL and other professional sports have fallen in love with the flashing strobe light effect during big moments, and I don’t like it.

electronic packaging waste, AV technology

Fighting Electronic Packaging Waste in an Industry That Produces TONS of It

AV technology experts and installers are the industry’s first line of defense against one of its least-spoken-about problems: electronic packaging waste.