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Smart Buildings Pro AV market

Where Pro AV and Smart Buildings Meet

With a renewed focus on connectivity and data, the smart building market is an attractive opportunity for system integrators.

Video Wall

Don’t Let Your Video Walls Come Crashing Down On Your Customers

This video of a video wall falling on an ESPN Columbia reporter illustrates why mounting solutions are important — even if they’re boring.

IoT Vulnerabilities

Unpacking The Smart Building Opportunity For Pro AV

The smart building market includes many of the same customers, technology and solutions already familiar to the pro AV industry.

HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strips Allow for Tight Bends & Turns

HyperFlex Tunable White 2835 LED Strip eliminate the need to cut and reconnect the strip light when making bends or turns in a lighting run.

Uninterrupted Power & Connectivity for Networking Devices

Switch Always On is a smart IoT DC micro UPS with a lithium-ion battery and cloud connectivity that ensures network power and internet connection are maintained in commercial or residential applications.

Control4 Automation San Diego Portside Pier

Control4 System Automates San Diego’s New Waterfront Restaurants

A new Control4 automation system installed at San Diego’s new 1,100-seat Portside Pier, completely reimagines how restaurant staff operates.

retail robotics hits Walmart

Retail is Embracing the Power of Robots

Regardless of what caused the rise in retail robots, it seems investment in them is becoming more prominent than in the last few years.

WilsonPro Cellular Amplifiers 4300

‘Industry First’ Network Scanning Capabilities Added to WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R Cellular Amplifiers

Update to all WilsonPro cellular amplifiers in the 4300/4300R series eliminates ambiguity of whether an amp works properly for all carriers.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Hidden Superstars of Every Production Line

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products boasts decades of innovation when it comes to keeping some of the biggest and smallest companies running.

Eaton Agrees to Acquire Tripp Lite for $1.65B

Eaton says Tripp Lite acquisition will enhance the breadth of its edge computing and distributed IT product portfolio.