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Read This Before You Hire Another Millennial

Your company culture is about to change dramatically, whether you like it or not. Here’s how the best businesses are bridging the gap between Millennial and Baby Boomer thinking.

The Secret to Balancing Future Business Decision-Making With Present Tasks at Hand

How can you be responsible for your firm’s daily operations while also trying to consider which technologies might help move it forward? Start with a simple pyramid model.

CI New Revenue Madness: Content Creation vs. Drones

Do integrators see more potential in making money through helping clients fill their video walls with content or strapping cameras on unmanned flying objects?

HDR is Here to Stay!

Firmware update for BrightSign 4K players enables support of 4K HDR.

Post Acquisition: InFocus, Jupiter Find New Ways to Collaborate

InFocus CMO Brady Bruce discusses Canvas Touch and ConX; crowded collaboration category and impending impact of Microsoft Surface Hub.

Top 10 High-Tech Sports Bars to Watch March Madness

Take a look at CI’s list of the best highly technical and entertaining sports bars to watch the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

Powers Expects to Be Busy As Technical Innovation Adviser

Outgoing president, 63, wants to embark on cross-country bike ride, do business mentoring and spend time with his family.

AV Labor: Are You Charging Enough for Your Most Limited Resource?

With the scarcity and critical nature of labor for systems installations, integrators need to start charging accordingly for AV labor resources.

Using Managed Services as the Remedy for Legacy Clients

Four easy steps to transitioning your clients — the good and the bad — to your new managed services business model.

What You Need to Know Before Attending DSE 2016

Paul Fleuranges, veteran attendee of DSE and vice president of corporate communications for the New York City Transit Authority discusses what to expect at DSE 2016 and how to make the most of the experience.

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