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Motto for AV Integrators Exploring New Verticals: Just Do It

With our economy facing a Nike swoosh-shaped recovery starting with a V and followed by slow growth, it’s time for integrators to embrace new possibilities.

NEC Display Solutions of America’s new NEC Briefing Center

NEC and Sharp Delay Completion of Joint Venture 2-4 Months Due to Pandemic

Joint venture announced March 25 was expected to be completed by July 1, but will be pushed back several months due to complications related to COVID-19.

Think Carefully About Your Words Before You Unintentionally Insult Someone

Fast Company recently highlighted six seemingly positive expressions that might end up triggering bad blood with the person you think you’re complimenting.

MSP business models, managed services models

Different Managed Services Models: Does One Size Fit All?

Choosing the right managed services model to fit your needs will help you have the most long-term success with this new way of doing business.

ARHT Media

Almo Professional A/V Partners with ARHT Media to Offer HoloPresence and Virtual Global Stage

Partnership between Almo and ARHT Media on HoloPresence and Virtual Global Stage will help companies and groups hosting virtual events.

sports experience

How Sports Fans’ Experiences Will Change—Whenever They’re Allowed to Return

VIP access, in-game exclusive features & other experiences just a few ideas for sports fans who can’t wait to root for their teams again.

Go LIVE Together

Go LIVE Together Coalition Aims to Protect the Trade Show and Live Events Industry

Coalition brings together live events industry leaders to urge local, state and federal legislators to consider measures for support and recovery

Presence Summit

Presence Summit Will Teach Engagement and Influence Using Video

The live-streamed Presence Summit consists of keynotes, entertainment and breakout sessions on how to amplify value using video communication.

video surveillance systems installation tips

Installation Tips for Video Surveillance Systems

Whether you are new to installing video surveillance systems or have been at it for years, these installation tips are great to keep in mind.

Oura Ring

Oura Smart Ring Faces Ultimate Test Inside NBA Bubble City at Walt Disney World

Oura ring can supposedly predict coronavirus symptoms up to three days in advance, but what happens to the data that collected from those who wear them?

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