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Be First to Find the AV Wikipedia Page in 8 Clicks or Less, We’ll Give You $100

We’ve created a game — and it’s a bit challenging. See if you can find your way to the “Audiovisual” Wikipedia page while playing… The 8 Degrees of AV!

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Be First to Find the AV Wikipedia Page in 8 Clicks or Less, We’ll Give You $100

Have you ever played “The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” In the digital version of the game, you try to find famous actor Kevin Bacon on Wikipedia in six clicks or less… But you have to start from a random Wikipedia article. Well, I propose integrators try to do the same for the “Audiovisual” Wikipedia page. And CI will reward the first one who does it.

I call this game “The 8 Degrees of AV.” The challenge is simple:

  1. Go to the Wikipedia home page
  2. Click “Random Article” on the left menu
  3. See if you can find the “Audiovisual” article linked above — in 8 clicks or less

The first person to successfully complete The 8 Degrees of AV — and send us a log of links, including the starting page and every Wikipedia article it took to get to “Audiovisual” — will win a $100 gift card. Send emails to:

If you can’t make it to the Audiovisual page in 8 clicks or less, try the system integration Wiki or the digital signage Wiki. Entries for either of those will also be accepted.

I know the original game (the Kevin Bacon one) is 6 clicks or less, but let’s face it: Kevin Bacon is more culturally infamous than AV technology. But that’s exactly why this challenge matters. As I stated in my “Initial Impressions of the AV Industry” article, many people who aren’t part of the AV technology scene really underestimate its value in their lives.

Despite forecasts of recent AV growth, the industry seems to be in a crisis of identity. The next generation of employees, Millennials, largely seem ignorant of the potential for finding careers in AV.

So why not use this as an excuse to bring some awareness to the industry? We hope you’ll take the time to also update the “Audiovisual” Wikipedia page once you make it there in this challenge.

We’ve tagged our stories on Twitter with #proAV, but if you should attempt this challenge, tag any Twitter posts about it with #8DegreesofAV.

Remember: In order to win, you’ll need to send us a list of the phrases/links you clicked on (in sequence) to arrive at the “Audiovisual” Wikipedia article, so write those down as you go.

Best of luck!

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