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9 Apps Every Technician Should Download

CI Research finds that apps such as AudioTools by Studio Six Digital, RTA Pro and the X32-Mix App are some of the most popular apps used by technicians every day.

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So far, CI Research has shared what apps are most important to salespeople, engineers, C-level execs. Now, we’ve learned about the most popular apps used by technicians, and some may surprise you.

While some apps are technical and certainly fitting to a technician’s field of work—such as the X32-Mix App and RTA Pro—others, such as the calendar app and Google Maps are more fitting to the entire smartphone-user population, and may not be the first apps we think a technician would download.

The aforementioned apps, however, along with a few more, are vitally important to a technicians’ work, no matter how specific they are to the technical field.

Clint Miller of Tone Wolf Productions LLC says apps such as X32 Edit and RTA Pro, “apply directly to my field. They do exactly what I need them to do without any bloat or over-complicated parts that would make them difficult to use.”

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The X32-Mix App is a popular app used by technicians that allows them to control mixing and routing functions right from their iPads.

If you’re a technician and don’t have the following 9 apps downloaded, get downloading! They may make your job a lot easier.

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