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Almo Professional A/V Expands Content Creation Service Offering

Almo Professional A/V has expanded its exclusive Content Creation Services to include a new third option, thereby deepening the range of revenue-generating content creation choices for partners looking to add this service into their digital signage mix.

The new Almo Content Creator option is ideal for small businesses that don’t have a large budget but require content that’s more attractive than a standard PowerPoint. Almo Content Creation Services include:

Option #1: Almo Content Creator. An easy, self-serve online system that allows any user to create their own digital signage content. The online system offers two methods to create content: “Do it For Me” or “Do it Myself.” The first asks a few basic questions and automatically creates eight ads. Users simply pick one then make adjustments to fit their vision.

The second method offers templates, thousands of pictures and easy-to-use tools. Logos and photos can also be uploaded to make professional videos and advertisements. Partners pay only for the content rendered and there’s no charge to experiment with the system. Click here to get started!

Option #2: Almo On-Demand Custom Portal. An inexpensive content management system (CMS) web application that makes it easy for anyone to make basic changes to their signs anywhere and at any time. Almo creates custom sign(s) with customer branding that live in the cloud. Users can update those sign(s) such as price changes, line items or promotions and the digital signage is updated in minutes.

Option #3: Almo Content Creation Services. Leverages years of experience in design and deployment of digital signage projects across the globe. Almo creates custom content from a very basic menu board or directory to very complex signage built on high resolution video walls and/or touch screens, regardless of whether it’s indoors, outdoors, large or small, a single location or a national rollout.

For more information on how to use content to provide a recurring revenue stream, click here.

To get started on your custom content, contact The Almo Creation Services Team by calling 888.420.2566 x 6522 or by e-mail.

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