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Atlas to Compensate Firms that Spec Its Products

In an open letter to the integration industry, Atlas CEO Loyd Ivey says he’s standing up for firms that write great specs only to be swept away by low-price competitors.

Loyd Ivey, president and CEO of Atlas Sound, sent what he dubs an “open letter to the industry” in which he lays out a unique compensation strategy for integrators—“the warriors on the front line”—that specific Atlas products in their design-build projects.

The Project Design Registration Program addresses “one of the most frustrating scenarios an integrator can run into.” He’s referring to firms investing time and effort into writing specifications only to lost the project to a low-price competitor that sweeps in at the last minute.

The program is “designed to ensure that all the integrators who specify Atlas Sound products in a system design receive compensation, whether they win the job bid or not.”

Ivey breaks down three ways that integrators can earn compensation.

In the early phases of a design-build project they can fill out project design registration form to qualify for a rebate credit based on the amount of the Atlas product specified.

They can also qualify for a credit by switching a specified product to an Atlas solution.

And they can earn a rebate credit by creating a spec but losing the bid as long as the project still uses the specified Atlas product.

The Atlas products that fall under the Project Design Registration Program include speakers, horns, amplifiers, BlueBridge DSP, IP speakers, power conditioners, racks/cabinets, A-Line, sound masking, and Time Saving Devices.

What do you think of Atlas’ aggressive move?

Read Ivey’s Open Letter

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