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Building Better Products Through Empathy

Chief uses design process to improve an installer favorite>

Every solution starts with a problem. To find those problems, Chief designers and engineers talk to and observe the people who use their products most – installers. When it came to Fusion® wall mounts, a product that has been a success in the market for six years, Chief had to be careful not to lose the things installers loved while adding new features that would make the experience even better.

Kathryn Gaskell, Product Manager, along with engineers, observed installations in the field to see where the process was hitting any bumps. They also held events with small groups of installers to hear what they liked and what they would like to work better.

“You have to go in with an open mind,” Gaskell said. “Everyone had a few things they wanted to change, and luckily it was pretty consistent.”

Chief is constantly looking to provide more value to customers through the entire customer experience with ordering, shipping and unpacking as well as through well designed products.

Through this process, they designed features that directly address the problems encountered by installers.

The latest innovations include:

  • Set screws – keep the mount rigid and stable
  • Nesting spacers – can be stacked to achieve any depth
  • Teardrop design – speeds up installation
  • Magnetized ClickConnect™ – easy to store pull cords
  • Redesigned end caps – for better cable management
  • Additional lateral shift – shifts wall plate around obstructions

They did this while still including the hallmark “Four Cs” of Fusion – Centerless™ lateral shift, ControlZone™ leveling, Centris™ low profile tilt and ClickConnect™ tool-free latching.

Installers are enthusiastic about the upgrades and love the more efficient packaging. 

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