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Calibre scalers supplied for prestigious German educational event

“It is extremely gratifying that our technology has been used in this application by CASSIOPEIA,’ says Calibre’s Pauline Brooksbank.

David Davies

Germany-based rental and staging specialists CASSIOPEIA Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH supplied Calibre UK LEDView530 Universal Rental/Staging/Events scalers to the annual German School Award ceremony, which is aimed at raising the profile of primary and secondary schools across the country.

Taking place at the historic Heilig Kreuz Kirche und Passionskirche Church, Berlin, the event was jointly organised by Robert Bosch Stifung, Stern magazine and German broadcaster, supported by local politicians and attended by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and representatives from over 100 shortlisted schools.

The event was broadcast live on Phoenix television network, ending with the presentation of a 100,000 Euro grand prize to Anne-Frank Middle School, Munich for winning the prize of School of the Year.

CASSIOPEIA’s technology manager, Martin Heuberger, said: “For the awards ceremony, we supplied a 4mm pitch LEDMAN Optoelectronic screen measuring 1.92m x 3.36m wide feet along with a high-contrast 85-inch Panasonic Plasma screen positioned behind presenters.

“Because the load-in and load-out times were very tight, we really needed to rely ontechnology that could start working straight away, across different resolutions, inputs and screens as well as supporting RGB conversion.

“We turned to the Calibre LEDView530 Scalers which could handle all live, musical and pre-recorded content showing school auditions [and] which performed very well.

Because we used live feedback, we utilised the low latency feature of the LEDView530’s, which performed flawlessly. We also liked its easy set up with automatic scaling of content. Another function we often use is the TRNR (Temporary Recursive Noise Reduction) Video Filter to clean upscaled DVD and other SD content, making it sharper when switching between inputs.”

Pauline Brooksbank, chairman at Calibre, added: “It is extremely gratifying that our technology has been used in this awards application by CASSIOPEIA – a testament not just to this particular product but to our whole philosophy of providing companies like CASSIOPEIA [with] professional-grade Universal scalers that are brilliantly engineered, fully customisable for each event, and always properly supported.”