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ClickShare with Panoramic Impression: See Broader, Share Easier and Collaborate Better

Coupling Barco’s Panorama projectors and ClickShare, this set up is easy to use, flexible, and greatly enhances collaboration in meeting rooms and boardrooms.

High profile meeting rooms and boardrooms are where high impact, strategic decisions are made. Therefore having an efficient and detailed view of complex data sets is paramount. You thus need a system that can bring you both the big picture and the detail that supports it.

Coupling some of Barco‘s most innovative products – the Panorama projectors and ClickShare – this setup enables a remarkable collaborative experience. The ClickShare composition has been optimized for the panoramic canvas, displaying all user screens in a side-by- side manner.

Unlike fixed installations with multiple projectors or displays, this Panoramic canvas can transform to accommodate one, two, three and even four participants sharing visual content simultaneously with just one click of a button. ClickShare handles the on screen resolution and composition automatically making it easy to use, install, and maintain.

With one projector instead of two, infrastructure, planning, and setup complexity is greatly reduced. For more productive meetings, users can spontaneously participate with just one click of a button. Content of the composition is handled automatically to respect data integrity and create the best use of screen real estate. With enhanced flexibility, you will optimize the use of the panoramic pixel space by automatically adapting the composition of participant inputs onto the panoramic canvas.

Be innovative and think differently in your next installation. Almo is here to specify and guide you through the process with our highly trained Business Development Manager, Rob Ziv. Contact Rob at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 888.420.2566 x6589 to discuss your next project and how Barco could be your solution. To learn more about ClickShare with panoramic impression, click here.

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