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Look Inside Digital Signage’s Velvet Revolution at InfoComm 2015

Trends at InfoComm 2015 show why scoffing at digital signage is increasingly shortsighted. >

George Tucker
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It is a waste of time and labor to have an individual or even team of folks make content changes to tens and hundreds of displays. This is where the application of IoT like devices fed by cloud storage subscription services becomes not just advantages but necessary.

Necessity builds real solutions. The digital signage folks are the ones demanding it get done.

Getting Experiential

While many provide proprietary playback devices, companies like BrightSign are already providing drop-point devices for standalone and interconnected content distribution—and with claims of 4K capability. It’s interesting to note that a large portion of 4K content is advertising based.

Content needs to be created. For larger corporations with degreed marketing teams this is a fairly established process. 

Photos: Innovative Digital Signage Products at InfoComm 2015

For the smaller business, and the mom and pops getting the messaging assembled can be daunting. Companies like AdGen have stepped into this breach to provide quick-to-learn, drag-and-drop content creation. Add its subscription based cloud applications and storage capabilities and distribution become a one-click affair with scalable cost structures. 

Flat panel displays may still own the lion’s share of signage presentation, but there are a number of dramatic options being shown. These are the next steps from simple information to experiential.

Vislogix is offering interactive connections to the content. Users can gain valuable metrics on what products, segments and locations are generating interest. Products like EZtouch ICS are putting the touchscreen on storefront windows. The Holocube offers holographic like presentations while still providing transparent surfaces for added texture and messaging.

There are also examples of the next generation signage with the remarkable RealFiction 3D systems. The DreamHoc line of presentation systems provides a pepper’s ghost experience and dramatic video interaction with the physical product. Content is projected from a small accent light that illuminates the product and projects the messaging content. 

Multiple displays can be synchronized to each other and make for encompassing and enveloping installations.

With all of this going on just under our noses, expanding and hyper-charging our existing hardware and software models, is it any wonder that the revolution has already happened?

The keys are jingling.

Watch a Vislogix signage branding demo of Coco-Cola:

Watch a RealFiction digital signage demo complete with hologram:


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