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Inside the Industry News that Shaped 2016

A look back at the integration industry news that made a difference for integration firms over the past year.

Tom LeBlanc
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There was a very clear trend in the integration industry during 2016.

It seems like there was a new acquisition announced every couple of weeks. Most were on the manufacturer side, but it was a dramatic year for integration firm acquisitions, too.

Diversified acquired Technical Innovation to apparently leapfrog over Whitlock and become the second largest firm in the industry behind AVI-SPL. Meanwhile, AVI-SPL was acquired by a private investment group. So was Verrex.

Indeed, the industry got more top-heavy during 2016. Most of us probably would have predicted that, but not to the extent that it played out.

Of course, mergers and acquisitions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a year’s worth of industry news. We hope you enjoy our look back at CI‘s news coverage.

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