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LG Presents Displays to Wow at InfoComm 2016

LG will showcase its Dual-View Flat OLED Display, its Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Display, its Ultra Stretch IPS Display and its Single-View Arched OLED Display at this year’ show in Vegas.

CI Staff

LG will be showcasing its new pencil-thin OLED commercial display technology with perfect blacks and incredible color at booth #C8308 at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas from June 8-10.

The lineup includes a Dual-View Flat OLED Display—a 55-inch dual-sided display that can save space and grab plenty of attention with swapped and mirrored FullHD content on either side.

Next is a 65-inch Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Display for creating an unrivaled 4K customer experience—link two, three or four of the beautifully curved tiles together to form spellbinding customizable displays.

LG’s groundbreaking 55-inch Single-View Arched OLED Display can be custom bent to concave and/or convex formations for constructing immersive tunnel-like environments that engage and enthrall customers.

For unique placement requirements, the 86-Inch Ultra Stretch IPS Display is ideal for transportation, retail, finance and more—with a unique 58:9 aspect ratio and over seven feet of Ultra HD it is a star performer in any location.

Click here to learn more about what LG will be showcasing at this year’s show.

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