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LG’s webOS for Signage Brings Smart TV to Digital Signage

LG’s Smart Platform Signage solution running webOS allows easy downloading of content and development of applications for digital signage.

CI Staff

LG Electronics’ webOS for Signage is a commercial version of its webOS smart TV platform, and it’s designed as an all-in-one hardware software platform aimed at content providers and business owners using LG’s Smart Platform Signage digital signage solutions.

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LG’s Smart Platform Signage solution running webOS, which was touted at Digital Signage Expo 2015, allows integrators to download content and develop applications. With WiFi connectivity it can be updated via a smartphone or tablet and works with Linux, Android, iOS and Windows.

LG’s Smart Platform Signage solution running webOS on display at DSE 2015


More from LG’s press release:

LG has engaged in new and noteworthy software partnerships to further develop these capabilities and bring cloud-based digital signage to LG digital displays featuring the webOS platform. Examples include partnerships with such leading companies as Signagelive and Ping HD, which have announced customized applications:

• Signagelive’s low-cost, fully-supported cloud solution that runs on LG’s flexible webOS for signage platform eliminates the need for external media players to run and manage digital signage campaigns.
• Ping HD has launched EngagePHDTM, an easy-to-use, Web-based design, content management and network monitoring application with support for LG’s webOS commercial displays.

“Providing support for the LG webOS display range expands the choice of compatible solutions available to our customers,” said Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “LG’s highly regarded reputation in the market place together with our cross-platform capabilities make digital signage technology accessible and affordable for wide-scape commercial use by all market sectors.”

Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Digital Media Operations at Ping HD, said, “A market-leading yet simplified solution for software partners like LG’s webOS was ideal for EngagePHD. LG’s solution was top of mind when we designed our enhanced content management software for low-cost, robust and scalable Digital Signage platforms.”

“Among the key benefits to content providers and app developers are the flexibility and ease-of-use of webOS for Signage, meaning faster development and more seamless integration,” [Clark Brown, digital signage vice president for LG Electronics USA]explained.

“But even more importantly, the webOS platform is a high-performance system-on-a-chip approach with powerful capabilities that can actually reduce the total cost of ownership,” said Brown.