Makito 1080i/720p HD Live Encoder from Haivision now Available

The Montreal-based manufacturer has announced its latest enterprise level video encoding solution.

Haivision is a Montreal, Canada-based manufacturer that offers a choice of video streaming, encoding, recording, content management and distribution products.

The Skinny: The company has announced its competitively priced 1080i/720p Makito Video Encoder, which it says was introduced to provide dealers with an affordable video encoder that includes a choice of interfaces.

The Specs: The 1080i/720p supports 1080i and 720p HD content with DVI/component or HD-SDI interfaces. When it is paired with other products from within its product line, the company can provide users with complete end-to-end systems that offer latency as low as 70 milliseconds.

The Makito products are offered as stand-alone appliances or as head-end solutions with mini-blades housed within six-slot 1RU or 21-slot 4RU chassis with redundant power supplies.

Solutions: The new 1080i/720p encoder can be used in a variety of environments including corporate, medical, sports, entertainment, military and other industries requiring video encoding/decoding systems.