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NEC Goes Large at ISE 2016 with Laser Projectors, 75-Inch Displays

Large-venue PX803UL laser projector and 75-inch high-ambient area capable X754HB are being showcased at ISE 2016.

CI Staff

NEC Display Solutions  is using ISE 2016 to show off its latest and greatest in the worlds of projectors and displays.

Its next generation of laser projectors for large venues is on display at NEC’s ISE 2016 stand. Dubbed the PX series, the flagship model for large venues will be the PX803UL projector, which promises to deliver the benefits of laser light source alongside professional installation features.

NEC says that customers most likely to benefit are those in scenarios in which total cost of ownership and maintenance are crucial.
That’s because the solid state laser light source doesn’t require any lamp replacement, removes the cost of filters and eliminates the need of time-consuming installation and maintenance. It also is designed to stay cool and use as little power as possible due to its unique sealing technology and integrated liquid cooling system.

Unlike some non-laser and non-LED projectors, which promise life cycles of around 2,000 hours, the PX803UL promises a lifetime of 20,000 hours. NEC also says that throughout those 20,000 hours users shouldn’t experience any loss of quality.

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In terms of lenses installers and users have a whole host of different ones to choose from. NEC will be offering a selection of wide zoom bayonet lenses, an optional ultra-short throw lens and even the option to use third-party lenses.

Large venues, rental and staging companies and higher education verticals that all rely on dependable superior quality, will also benefit from the 4K signal support, professional digital cinema quality picture and internal 4K high bandwidth picture processing for high quality pictures.

Gerd Kaiser, senior product line manager large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe, comments: “Laser is the projector light source of the future. Low total cost of ownership is crucial to many sectors where installation projectors are used in large venues. Investments need to be efficient in the long run, and low maintenance and adaptability of devices are crucial in achieving this. Laser is the light source that can deliver on this and ensure those benefits whilst guaranteeing high quality pictures.”

A variety of inputs included, such as OPS, HDMI-out and the edge-blending capability, while NEC says efficient cost savings can be made by managing all NEC devices from one tool – the NaViSet Administrator 2 software.

Display Strategy on Display

One of its key product launches is a 75-inch display designed for areas with high levels of ambient light and where the harsh environment of sunlight would affect the performance of normal displays.

NEC believes that its latest displays offer certain installation environments more flexibility than standard displays, including retail environments, quick serve restaurants, airports or digital out of home.

The X754HB 75in display adapts to its surroundings, using an integrated ambient light sensor. During the day, the display promises a bright, clear image regardless of the lighting conditions; at night, it dims, reducing power consumption and creating cost-efficiencies for the organization whilst maintaining readability.

The launch of the X754HB comes after the industry demands digital displays that can be used for life-size signage applications.

“One of the major challenges in the design of a retail or quick service restaurant space is natural lighting,” comments Tobias Augustin, senior product manager at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“Even with professional equipment in place, high ambient brightness can impact the primary asset and effectiveness of an information display and therefore the return on investment for the business. Addressing this challenge with a display that is capable of extensive adaption means retailers can be sure of the flexibility and resilience they need.”

NEC has integrated a quarter-lambda filter, meaning viewers can still enjoy full visibility while wearing polarized sunglasses. The experience is also enhanced as the direct LED backlight promises better contrast ratios with deeper blacks and better colors. It is also protected against overheating and the risk of black spots on the panel surface.

For installers, the inclusion of a built-in OPS (open pluggable specification) option slot should come as a welcome surprise. NEC says that this will help ensure a smooth integration into retail or advertising environments.

This article originally ran on sister site CI Europe

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