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Ping HD Adds Dashboard View to Digital Signage Content Managing System

EngagePHD V2.0 updates focus on facilitating digital signage network management.

CI Staff

As a digital signage-focused integration firm, Ping HD knows thing or two about what content management systems work well. When it launched its own web-based design, content management and network application in early 2015, EngagePHD, it called it the next generation of digital signage software.

Now it’s leaping forward again with EngagePHD V2.0, adding a dashboard view to make the network monitoring element easier. Users can view a dashboard with real-time screenshots of displays on the network including LG webOS, Samsung SSP, Windows or Android players, plus display information such as serial number and temperature.

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PingHD’s chief technology officer, Kevin Goldsmith, has recently advocated that media players play less of a role in digital signage ecosystems, and he continues to do so in a press release announcing EngagePHD V2.0:

“As we push the boundaries of what can be achieved with SoC (System-on-a-Chip) based displays from LG & Samsung, we’ve proven that you do not need external media players and have reduced potential support issues by up to 90%. The Dashboard combined with automated email alerts provides the confidence our customers need to ensure that their Digital Signage networks are doing exactly what they should be doing.”

An API is provided as part of this release to allow the Dashboard information to be used in 3rd party system management platforms.

NOTE to Digital Signage Resellers: Ping HD is looking for channel partners to help market EngagePHD.

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