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Q&A: Premier Mounts Designs for Fast, Repeatable Digital Signage Installations

Premier Mounts launches the Gondola Mounted retail video wall and the industry’s first outdoor mounting solutions designed for Samsung OH-D Series displays at DSE 2016.

CI Staff

The 2016 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) kicks off this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Las Vegas. CI is paying special attention to the digital signage news and reviews coming from the show floor with a Spotlight on Digital Signage for the rest of the month.

In honor of the spotlight and tradeshow, Premier Mounts’ Pansy Leo spoke to CI about how growth in the digital signage market is changing the AV industry as a whole and about the new products Premier Mounts will unveil at the show.

How has the enormous growth in demand for digital signage impacted Premier Mounts?

It has positively impacted the entire world of AV, IT and content creation. We know when applications, technologies and prices converge, new opportunities exist. These opportunities take us outside the confines of traditional AV and IT, and reveal new applications and challenges.

We are dealing with both larger and smaller displays that are application-specific that may require special engineering and design to blend into an environment. We are also dealing with huge video walls that require special mounting and alignment expertise as well providing ease of maintenance and servicing. More than ever, one size does not fit all.

Premier mounts seems focused on supporting video wall innovation and service of video walls. What will DSE attendees see along those lines?

Premier Mounts will be unveiling new and different mounting solutions that will significantly reduce video wall installation time. The new solutions will take the measurements and guesswork out of the equation when it comes to precise placement.

Different configurations of video walls will also be showcased to show how our flexible solutions can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, or stands. When it comes to video walls, we have a mounting solution that will fit every project goal.

What are some trends you see happening in the digital signage market that integrators should be aware of?

There are numerous trends from an integration perspective. There are multiple display options led by a trend to larger flat panel displays, juxtaposed to smaller displays that need to be imbedded in a kiosk.

Interactivity is becoming a “given.” We need to look at 4K displays as they make more sense. Direct view LED displays are now a more practical alternative with ultra-fine pitch configurations down to 1MM pixel pitch. Projectors account for 20 percent of digital signage and new short throw models and edge blending bring a new dimension to our options.

Bottom line? There are more tools in our toolbox.

Describe any new products you’re launching at or showing for the first time at DSE 2016?

  1. Gondola Mounted Retail Video Wall. Premier Mounts’ simple yet elegant solution is designed to fit existing retail store fixtures. Adjustable brackets easily and securely attach onto existing gondolas. The brackets and Symmetry Interface Bars feature easy adjustments for uneven gondolas and leveling. This solution is designed for fast, repeatable installations in multiple locations.
  2. Industry’s 1st Outdoor Mounting Solutions Designed for Samsung OH-D Series Displays. Flexible outdoor mounting solutions mount both the display and the display’s power box resulting in a clean finished look. Wall, ceiling, and drive-thru menu board options will be unveiled for different verticals.

If attendees walk away from your DSE 2016 booth only remembering one thing, what would you like it to be and why?

Premier Mounts is a partner, not a vendor. We have 40 years of AV mounting expertise in developing innovative stock solutions, as well as unique industry 1st custom solutions to meet every project goal. We take the time to understand pain points and are responsive with quick turnaround concept drawings.

Our fast-track, in-house R&D can design and rapidly produce prototypes that are tested and then produced in our vertically integrated U.S. manufacturing facility, or in our Taiwan manufacturing location. We aim higher, because we help our partners and their customers successfully achieve their desired end result.

Any words of advice for integrators looking to improve their digital signage revenue in 2016?

The fact is, profit in a digital signage system is not in the most visible part of the system, the display. The display is a commodity and the profit resides in what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg. It is the needs analysis and design, along with the peripherals that support the display such as the mount, the media player, and the cables and connectors, coupled with the project management, installation, training, and service after the sale.

It is the totality of the design build approach that makes it all work for the integrator and the end user alike.