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Slam Poets Tackle Question ‘Why Does Audio Matter?’

Media Vision recruits four New York City-area slam poets to speak the virtue of audio integration. Vote for your favorite by July 15.

In the past few years, we’ve introduced you to a guy who raps about AV and an AV integrator who has a double life as a stand-up comedian.

But Media Vision earns kudos for the company’s successful effort to recruit four New York City-area slam poets to express what the company calls “soulful insights on the value of audio in shaping life experiences.”

The poetry matchup pits these four artists against one another to determine who can best convey the answer to the question, “Why Does Audio Matter?”

My knowledge of slam poetry is largely restricted to this Mike Myers performance in “So I Married An Ax Murderer”:

But the four slam poets Media Vision found have some real talent in this area and might inspire others to create their own AV slam poems.

Voting for Media Vision’s Poetry Slam is open through July 15. The first artist to get 1,000 votes will get an additional gift card towards a performance, and three people who vote for their favorites will win tickets for performances of their choice.

Before you vote, check out the competitors and consider who best answers the question “Why Does Audio Matter?”

Nichole Acosta

Steven Willis

Tony Fearnone

Jennifer Falu

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