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Stratosphere Casino Wins Big With 8-Sided Digital Display Mount

Premier Mounts designed and installed a display mounting solution that is visually appealing and provides guests with a 360 degree digital viewing experience.

CI Staff

When it comes to casinos, it’s all about providing entertainment, but not just from slot machines and poker tables.

Stratosphere Casino, located in Las Vegas, wanted to give its guests an entertainment experience that allowed them to relax and enjoy television broadcasts of sporting events and other news in one of the casino’s circular bar areas.

In order to provide every guest with a comfortable view of these broadcasts, eight displays needed to be mounted in a circular fashion. 

Premier Mounts, a California-based A/V mounting solutions provider to luxury resorts and casinos for more than 38 years, was chosen by the integrator to not only provide the mount, but also create a design for the project.  After its solutions group did a site survey of the bar area, Premier Mounts was challenged with creating a design that would provide 360-degree visibility to guests but also minimize the mounting structure.

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In less than 24 hours, Premier Mounts designed a rigid, two-piece four inch by four inch steel tube upright with a steel based floor-anchoring system with leveling feet. This allowed all eight displays to be mounted in a way that maximizes viewing angles while minimizing the visual impact of the center mount structure.

Stratosphere believes keeping its guests engaged through digital technology and entertainment helps to increase attendance and revenue. Since the installation’s completion, the casino reports that it has in fact seen an increase in revenue for the circular bar. 

By implementing a display mounting solution that not only provides a 360 degree viewing experience to guests but also blends with the casino’s surrounding décor, Stratosphere guests are now able to take a break from gambling and enjoy a clear and entertaining viewing experience from any seat at the circular bar.