Take NSCA Survey, Help Update Compensation & Benefits Report

NSCA to collect data on company background, staffing, employee benefits, compensation, and sales at integration firms around the country.

CI Staff

NSCA is seeking participants for a nationwide survey on employee compensation and benefits within the industry, a part of ongoing research by the organization.

This research will be used to update NSCA’s Compensation & Benefits Report, a collection of data on company background, staffing levels, employee benefits, compensation, and sales forces at integration firms around the country.

The survey runs from now until October 24, and every participant will be entered into a drawing for a $250 Visa gift card.

If that isn’t motivation enough, the Compensation & Benefits Report is designed to help integrators like you make connections between staffing approaches and revenue changes, as well as helping all NSCA members identify successful staffing strategies, ensure a constant workflow and positive work environment, and benchmark current employee offerings.

The report will focus on:

  • Employee benefits and the cost burden to employers
  • Compensation structures for project managers and sales staff
  • Key positions and salaries (both technical and administrative)
  • Salary levels based on position, location, and company size
  • Labor bargaining unit (LBU) staff

Surveys are confidential and will only be viewed by AWP Research. Click here to take the survey, or learn more about NSCA.