The Golden Ratio of Display: Huddle Room Size vs. Monitor Size

Restoring and reimagining the Golden Ratio enhances collaborative spaces.

The “collaboration” meme is a late bloomer.  Its birth might be tracked back to the early days of video conferencing in the late 1980s.  In those days collaborating around a 27″ monitor was state of the art.  Since then we have seen various incarnations of the meme that have migrated from audio conferencing to screen sharing, then to web-based apps, and now “huddle rooms” are the buzz of the day.

Through all these manifestations, collaboration has yet to come to terms with the all-important “Golden Ratio” of monitor size.  For context, recall that the Golden Ratio (1:1.6) is a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions, in our case the huddle room size vs. the associated monitor size.

Consider your desktop monitors vs. desk space.  It is likely about a 1:1.6.  Now, consider the typical huddle room or conference room.  Visualize the size of the room and compare it to the display(s) in the room.  In our data-driven visual world it is frequently laughable to realize how relatively small this display is against a 1:1.6 ratio.

The rule of thumb: multiply the room size by .625 to establish the optimal screen size for effective collaboration.  Scalable Display Technologies is a pioneer in large displays that achieve the Golden Ratio.

The Scalable Huddlewall™ is a large & interactive wall-sized display (read electronic whiteboard) solution engineered to scale to the 1:1.6 target.

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Huddlewall™ takes the best of the huddle room concepts and scales the display to support your group meeting digital workflows. Ideal environments are those that benefit from visualizing and interacting with large amounts of data—such as manipulating pull plans, editing blueprints, annotating brainstorming sessions—all in real-time.

Designed with a pen-interface, the Huddlewall™ allows your team to integrate digital annotation into their remaining paper-based workflow.

Scalable’s solution offers the ability to take your team’s work from static and unimaginative to dynamic, timely and precise. Huddlewall™ is flexible to meet the screen real estate requirements of your environment:

Scalable Huddlewall™ 3580
Turn-key wall sized collaboration system

  • Size – Up to 34 feet
  • Pens – Up to 7 simultaneously
  • Audio – Microphone + speaker arrays
  • Projector – Laser; HD
  • Surface – Dry erase; microdot pattern
  • Digital pen – Built-in camera

Scalable Display Technologies (SDT) enables customers to redefine their definition of display… any size, any shape any resolution.

The Huddlewall™ brings all the benefits of Scalable software to your digital pen tip.

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