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This Digital Display Will Have 45 Million Viewers

Meet the NanoLumens’ double-sided NanoSlim LED on display in Melbourne Central.

CI Staff

You’ve got to hand it to The GTP Group, a Sydney, Australia-based diversified property company that owns busy shopping venue Melbourne Central.

It realized that with 45 million shoppers or visitors per year, according to divisional director for retail John Rankin, choosing a digital signage display is a mass media opportunity.

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The goal, according to Rankin, was to build an iconic, large format digital display that could showcase news, content and advertising—”a best in class digital display screen,” he says—that is also reliable, lightweight and future-proof.

It turned to NanoLumens, makers of indoor LED visual display solutions, which provided its largest double-sided NanoSlim portrait-sized display.

More on Melbourne Central’s impressive video display:

NanoLumens Melbourne Central from NanoLumens on Vimeo.

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