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Top 5 Sports Venue Market Integrators

These innovative, market-leading firms share dos and don’ts when approaching this entertaining vertical.

On Failure:

“You’ll fail in the sports venue vertical market if you don’t meet tight deadlines with flawless integrations and operations. As venue owners continue to renovate their facilities with larger and higher-resolution displays, ANC is positioned to be able to provide a unique ability to truly optimize these video screens.

“At the same time, file sizes will continue to increase, creating challenges to continue to evolve control room features to be able to deliver the best visual content possible.” —Chris Mascatello, Executive VP of Technology Sales and Services, ANC Sports

“You will fail if you do not take the time to build quality relationships with those inside the industry and take the time to understand the workflows. Also, an integrator cannot be successful by trying to sell all AV systems to all types of customers. You cannot over-state the importance of an effective kick-off meeting that involves project management, engineering and the installation.

“You also cannot overstate the importance of effective continual communication among project management, engineering and the installation team. The biggest challenge is not a new one: hiring experience productive people.” —Jeffrey Volk, Sports & Entertainment Group VP, Alpha Video

“You’ll fail in the sports venue vertical market if you don’t listen. With competition increasing and the end-users becoming more tech-savvy it’s important to demonstrate the value that you bring. We’ve prepared for this over the past few years and our solution architecture (encompassing new technologies) and support backbone has us well placed to overcome challenges brought by competition.” —Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Digital Media Operations, Ping HD

“You’ll fail in the sports venue vertical market if you don’t keep up with the latest sports-specific technology, aren’t able to continually generate ‘new and exciting’ ideas and, most importantly, have the technical expertise and experience to execute those ideas in very large venues with high pressure ‘game day’ dead-lines and conditions.” —John Coniglio, Sport Venue Specialist, Westbury National Show Systems

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