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Top 5 Sports Venue Market Integrators of 2015

These innovative, market-leading firms offer advice on how to stay at the forefront of this entertaining vertical.

One of the most exciting, and likely most nerve-wracking, parts of being an integrator in the sports venue market is there are no do-overs and no second chances.

“Our sports clients have an inflexible deadline: opening day,” says Jerry Gale, marketing director at Alpha Video & Audio. “Our engineers and project managers allow us to install complex systems on or before the opening day of the season.

“Even though Alpha Video is over 45 years old, we still operate with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our two VPs saw opportunities years ago in this specific market,” says Gale.

Handling the Crossover

“The large venue space has continued to grow over the past year, but what we have found most interesting is the crossover between verticals,” says Chris Mascatello, executive VP of technology sales for ANC Sports. “Large venues are looking at retail and transportation markets to get ideas for their concourses and other locations, while other markets are looking at large venues for recommendations to create an immersive experience.”

Nor-Com has found success in the sports venue market, among others, because of introductions through its architectural, engineering and consulting partners, says CEO Dan Van Meter.

“As a member of the design team, we are well-positioned to seamlessly engage the integration phase with little or no on-boarding or disruption to the construction process,” he says.

Keep It Simple

Stadiums and arenas represent Ping HD‘s strongest market. The company developed a digital signage content management software in 2014 that allows it “to compete more aggressively than before” for work in that market and others, says Kevin Goldsmith, director of digital media operations.

“Bundling the solution into a complete, all-inclusive three-year cost has proven to be successful with much of our competition providing high upfront costs and monthly,” Goldsmith says, noting he’s trying to spread the word about Ping HD’s software and hardware partnerships with Samsung and LG whenever possible after landing work at five MLB stadiums in 2015.

Westbury National Show Systems “boasts an advantage with its large full-time staff of designers, programmers, field engineers and project managers,” says sales manager Brock McGinnis. “Our reputation is based on proven technical competence, responsive service and our large-project capabilities.”

Westbury sports venue specialist John Coniglio talked last year about “persistence, long-term relationship development, a great technical team and a deep understanding of the critical nature of the value of in-game entertainment and fan experience” as keys to success in sports venue integration.

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