Transformative Engineering HLE-1 Lite Transmits HDBaseT 70 Meters

Utilizing the latest version of HDBaseT called HDBaseT Lite, the HLE-1 carries HDMI and bi-directional IR over a single Cat-5e cable.

Transformative Engineering is a Norwood, Mass.-based manufacturer of signal management solutions.

The Skinny: Listening to dealer feedback, the suburban Boston company recently announced its HLE-1 Lite HDMI Extender.

The Specs: Designed to provide dealers with a product that fulfills their need for reasonably priced, simple HDMI signal transmission capabilities, the HLE-1 Lite utilizes the latest version of the HDBaseT platform called HDBaseT Lite.

The company says the product is capable of transmitting HDMI signals and bi-directional IR as far as 70 meters (230 feet) over a single Cat-5e cable, and it supports A/V formats such as 4K x 2K video, and the DTS Master HD and Dolby TrueHD lossless surround sound formats.

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Transformative Engineering points out the product sets up simply through the use of its 24-volt DC power supply connected to the transmitter, and its built-in diagnostic indicator lights provides a simple way for dealers to monitor the solution’s operational status.

The HLE-1 incorporates a single HDMI input, one HDBaseT RJ-45 output, and bi-directional IRDA connections that are compatible with Xantech products. Additionally, Transformative Engineering offers a kit version that includes an HLE-1TX HDMI transmitter module, one HLE-1RX HDMI receiver and a 24-volt power supply.

Solutions: Transformative Engineering says the HDBaseT product can be used in a variety of commercial environments, as well as residential systems installs.