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When It Comes to Outdoor Displays, Think Big!

Why all your customers want SunBriteTV’s new 4K UHD 84″ even if they don’t know it.

In the world of outdoor display technology, thinking big is not only the direction that every manufacturer is headed, it’s also at the core of every successful integrator’s business model. Why, you ask? When you think big, you think like your customers and you can preempt their requests and needs for more advanced technologies, leading to a better and more successful relationship. Every integrator recognizes the value of long-lasting relationships, and outdoor A/V solutions are both effective tools in fostering relationships as well as big sales margins.

2016 is a landmark year for thinking big. In an industry where size inarguably matters, several outdoor display manufacturers are introducing their largest models to date. These aren’t just the biggest outdoor displays available, they’re also the boldest statements your customers can make, the grandest impression they can leave on their guests, which is essentially what they expect from their relationship with you. SunBriteTV’s newest offering, for example, is 84 inches of sure-to-impress, beautiful 4K Ultra-High-Definition goodness.

While 4K resolution is already quite common in indoor displays, it’s an achievement just now being introduced to outdoor sets. As the high watermark of image quality, it’s something that your customers probably already expect to be ubiquitous but don’t fully understand. Your completely clean, perfect install of the product that your customer agreed was the perfect fit won’t matter the second that they flip the power switch only to be greeted by a less-than-perfect resolution. Whether or not they know what 4K resolution is, you both know that they expect the best, so make sure their expectations are not only met, but exceeded, with the highest quality available.

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This new wave of advanced outdoor displays hits the market this June, perfect timing for any summer specifying projects when soaring heat is a factor. Integrators who’ve spec’d an indoor display for an outdoor install likely quickly learned their lesson after a short product lifespan and an angry call from the customer. Properly specifying weatherized screens prevents damage to both the display and the relationship and builds your customer’s trust. For both integrator and customer, thinking big means that a bigger price tag is worth a longer product lifespan and less hassle, something that all outdoor display manufacturers are deservedly praised for.

Which brings the conversation back to those exceptional margins. For frequent outdoor display customers, 2016’s bigger, brighter and bolder models are an easy way to catalyze a conversation about upgrading. And for first timers, outdoor displays are an easy pitch once you’ve exceeded all of your customer’s indoor expectations and ready to lead the conversation outside, to new projects and new revenue sources.

Your customers want the best and the biggest because that’s what they’re used to. That’s probably why they’re working with you in the first place and depend on you for all their A/V needs. It’s worth every integrator’s time to study the new models emerging in the outdoor display market this year and then think about how they can preemptively please their customer with the perfect product. In other words, 2016 is the time to start thinking big.

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