Your Most Burning Question, Answered: What AV Customers Really Care About

Julian Phillips, VP of Whitlock, discusses the importance of delivering simplicity, scalability and standardization, ‘The Three S’s,’ when serving AV customers.

CI Staff

Figuring out what your customers are really looking for when it comes to integration services is a challenging feat, especially in an industry that seems to be changing and evolving daily. 

Integration powerhouse Whitlock, however, has gained some insight as to what their customers are looking for.

According to Julian Phillips, VP of Whitlock, Whitlock’s customers have revealed during about 14 roundtable discussions held around the world that what they’re really looking for are “The Three S’s”—simplicity, scalability and standardization.

Phillips says customers think AV is overly complex and doesn’t necessarily deliver on expectations. Customers further explained that they feel AV needs to be simplfied in regards to technology design and user experience.

Another issue customers are focusing on is scale. “If [customers] are actually going to deploy AV across the enterprise and integrate it into their exisiting IT services, they need to do it everywhere—both locally, nationally and globally,” says Phillips. In order to meet the demands of the enterprise, integrators need to be able to build an infrastructure that can actually scale.

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Finally, once integrators can deliver simplicity and scale, they need to be able to standardize whatever devices or systems they are deploying.

“[Integrators] need to make sure that whatever they deploy is the common user interface and that it is the set of technology standards and operational standards that can be delivered and can be supported.”

Hear more from Julian Phillips in regards to what customers need from integrators in the video below: