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3 Easy Steps To Deliver Great Conferencing Audio

Learn why beam tracking, mic placement and amp specifications are all critical components of making sure meetings run smoothly with conferencing audio.

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We’ve all sat in a meeting where people in which the conferencing audio failed.

People couldn’t hear each other.

Speakers talked over each other as they tried to make their points.

Those who thought they were making critical clarifications only later found out they were somehow muted.

These are just some of the many frustrations that come with having meetings with co-workers and customers all over the world at the push of a button.

The issue is when key clients end up fumbling through an audio conference, it makes them less likely to the integrator or consultant that provided the system. They’re likely to look elsewhere when it’s time to work on their global deployment.

The good news is this is a problem that’s easy to fix … if you know where to turn. And it doesn’t involve customers spending much more money than they were probably expecting to get a result that doesn’t come close to meeting their expectations.

In this free Commercial Integrator webinar, Biamp’s Zach Snook will teach you:

  • How to specify amplifiers
  • How to place microphones to get the best conferencing audio possible
  • All about burst power modes for peak audio, beam tracking and more.

You’ll see why you need less power than you think to deliver a great experience. And you’ll walk away understanding how beam tracking can direct the audio components to better respond to the speaker, making it much less likely you’ll have anyone on the call straining to hear everything that’s said.

Snook will be joined by an integrator who can offer first-hand experience with using Biamp products to help customers achieve much better results when it comes to their audioconferencing needs.

CI editor-at-large Craig MacCormack will moderate the discussion as Snook and the integrator paint a clear picture to help you reach your goals of never again having a customer ask, “Who’s on the call?” or starting your sentence only to be forced to stop two seconds later when another speaker tries to make the same exact point you’re making.

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