Huddle Rooms: The Comfortable and Functional Way to Do Business

Almo and Biamp Partner to Bring Devio conferencing solutions to huddle rooms

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The trend is clear: open office environments have become the norm in the business world. There are many pros to the open office: better communication between workers without physical barriers, “culture collision” to promote creativity and community, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, better aesthetics…the list goes on. While the pros are many, there are also cons to this type of atmosphere: increased noise and distractions, cramped quarters and decreased productivity.

With the open office trend comes the increasing need for quiet huddle spaces and other small collaboration areas that require unified communication. These spaces give professionals the ability to meet without distraction, as well as to connect as a group with those not in the office. In order for these rooms to be successful, they need an audio system that is extremely reliable to ensure all participants can hear and understand each other, thereby reducing the potential for miscommunication.

Integrators working on typical huddle room installs have two requirements for audio: it must be cost-effective for the client and quick to install. For the client, the needs are simple – the audio system has to be easy to use and, well…it’s got to work!

Enter Devio. Biamp offers a simple, all-in-one connectivity and collaboration solution for spaces that don’t require the complexity of larger rooms. Devio is a functional, elegant product that needs minimal configuration while seamlessly interfacing with unified communications platforms, such as Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting. Meeting attendees can connect quickly and dive right into the topic at hand.

With a single USB connection, Devio connects a laptop instantly to a room’s displays, speakers, microphone and web camera, allowing meetings to quickly get up and running. The Devio microphone tracks and intelligently mixes conversations, allowing far-end conference participants to experience the conversation as it unfolds, while providing a real-time, collaborative experience.

Devio products are currently available through Almo Professional A/V, throughout the U.S. and Mexico. According to a statement from Biamp, “Through our collaboration with Almo Pro A/V, more integrators now have access to products and solutions like Devio, enabling them to implement high-performance solutions in unified communications environments.”

By working with Almo Professional A/V, integrators not only have accessibility to the Devio products and all the displays and other components needed to complete a huddle room installation, but they also have the advantage of working with Almo’s audio-focused Business Development Manager team. This team brings multiple decades of experience in audio technology to the integrator, and will help with the design, engineering and installation of collaborative spaces to ensure the project runs smoothly and is both successful and profitable.

So if the client’s request is for a space to conference and collaborate while escaping the open office environment, tune in and support the huddle room trend by working with Biamp and Almo Professional A/V.

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