Report: 83% of Employees Want Hybrid Work

A new Accenture report finds that 83% of employees say they want a hybrid work model and to work remotely between 25% and 75% of the time.

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A new research report from Accenture reinforces a trend that we at Commercial Integrator have been hitting on since around this time last year: employees like remote working and want it to become a permanent part of an organization’s culture.

The global tech company’s report, “The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere” found that 83% of employees say a hybrid work model in which they can work remotely between 25% and 75% of the time is optimal.

Further, 40% of employees say they can be productive and healthy anywhere, and 85% of those people say they plan to stay with their company for along time.

The study also shed light on why some workers want to go back to the office, and the two leading causes are easier access to technology and collaborating with colleagues – two problems that the pro AV industry can solve with peripheral devices designed for hybrid work and collaboration solutions.

However, a hybrid work might not be desirable for employees of all generations, as 74% of GenZers want more in-person collaboration opportunities, whereas only 66% of GenXers and 68% of Baby Boomers said the same.

Not surprisingly, the study also found that workers who said they feel disconnected and frustrated said they don’t have the right resources, including technology, autonomy and supportive leadership.

The survey also brings good news for organizations planning to dive headfirst into a hybrid work strategy, as 63% of high revenue growth companies have already enabled hybrid work models, while 69% of negative or no-growth companies are still focused on bringing employees back to the office.

Studies and surveys like this can not only help your integration firm better market itself as a hybrid work solution provider, but also help inform your own internal HR department and help you attract the next crop of AV professionals.

Accenture recommends a few steps to help support hybrid work, including adopting modern HR policies, designing work around people, building digital fluency and leading with humanity.