Girl Scouts Take Video Conferencing Way Beyond Business

Leveraging Highfive and Dolby Voice for video conferencing, Girl Scouts of Northern California expand communication possibilities for members.

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Girl Scouts of Northern California are using Highfive and the Dolby Voice to improve communication for both its members and its staff.

It’s difficult to quantify the return on investment that Girl Scouts of Northern California have achieved with a video conferencing solution by Highfive and Dolby Voice. Highfive delivers the video call experience, while Dolby Voice ensures high-quality audio for participants, whether they’re in the room using a Dolby Conference Phone or remote.

Yes, the organization uses the solution on the business side, but perhaps the more compelling (and less quantifiable) benefit is on its members’ experiences.

Girl Scouts of Northern California has more than 44,000 members stretching from Silicon Valley to the Oregon border.

The organization uses the HighFive/Dolby Voice solution for Camp CEO, a three-day event for 70 high-school-aged Girl Scouts who meet for mentoring, leadership training, and recreation in Marin County, Calif.

This year it will be a “video conferencing experience,” says CEO Marina Park, in a Dolby press release.

Park adds that video conferencing helps the mentors manage their time more effectively, without traveling. And the young leaders will “be able to meet more mentors than ever before and have conversations with women that they otherwise might not be able to meet.”

The video conferencing solution also provides a nice bridge for the young women, many of which will be entering the business world. “We really want them to … get a taste of what the business world is like, and today the business world is about using new tools to connect with each other,” Park says.

On the Business Side

Of course, Girl Scouts of Northern California, as an organization, also has a need for remote communication and collaboration. “Our need for video conferencing was driven by our remote locations and the staff that we have spread across most of Northern California,” says CIO Glenn Rogers.

The HighFive/Dolby Voice solution is “saving us time and it’s saving us money to be able to use video conferencing as a good alternative to in-person meetings,” Park says.

Karin Richey, the organization’s e-learning developer, uses the tools extensively for remote collaboration and online training: “The first time that I used Highfive and realized all you had to do was type in the name of a meeting and then you’re in, … seeing everything and hearing everything instantly, I was really pleased. It’s as user friendly and easy to use as I could possibly imagine.”

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