Teem and GE Current Aim to Kill ‘Zombie’ Meetings with Automated Meeting Spaces

Teem wants to eliminate the undead (or the absentee) employees from meeting spaces with the power of its smart meeting scheduling and analytics platform.

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They’re everywhere: leagues upon leagues of zombies — a very particular undead iteration, anyway, only found in misused meeting spaces.

Cloud-based software and analytics company Teem wants to kill off ‘zombie meetings’ — or the ones which have booked your clients’ meeting rooms but don’t actually have any attendees.

The company says these zombie meetings are a common issue.

According to Teem CEO Shaun Ritchie, “we’ve found that even the smallest positive tweaks in something as innocuous as meeting scheduling exponentially raises productivity, efficiency and happiness in the workplace.”

So how will the company ensure your clients’ meeting spaces are lands of the living? “Frictionless” meeting scheduling, Ritchie says.

Teem’s newly enhanced meeting scheduling analytics platform integrates GE Current lighting sensors and Enlightened smart sensors to automatically check-in employees when they enter a room, enable ad-hoc room reservations, discourage “squatters,” and put an end to meetings which are scheduled but don’t really take place.

More from the Teem press release on its meeting spaces software:

Unattended meetings waste an average of 28.7 hours per room, per month. Without a platform to indicate when a conference room space is free, meeting rooms remain booked on the calendar – known as ‘zombie meetings’ — potentially preventing others from using it. Additionally, the status of non-reservable huddle spaces are undetectable from a distance without the proper technology.

Huddle spaces will now have accurate utilization rates as well as LED red/green lights signaling occupancy/availability which can be seen from a distance.

According to Ritchie, the smart sensor meeting scheduling software his company provides is an excellent way for integrators to embrace the managed service model.

Teem software automatically gathers analytics about client meeting scheduling and usage. Knowing what works for corporate clients in the present can help integrators predict and suggest services for them in the future, Ritchie says.

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Teem says the smart sensor meeting scheduling solution will be available to Premium customers in mid-October.