Zoom’s New Immersive View Feature Can Help Enhance Your Customers’ Meetings

Zoom has introduced another feature that will make meetings more fun and collaborative for your conference room customers.

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Zoom has introduced another feature that will make meetings more fun for your conference room customers and bring people together into one virtual meeting space.

The new feature is called Immersive View, and it allows meeting hosts to arrange up to 25 video participants or panelists in a webinar into a single virtual background rather than a bunch of separate video feeds that may not be on the screen at the same time.

Zoom originally announced the feature in October 2020 during its annual Zoomtopia event, but then called it immersive scenes and said it could be used in settings like a classroom or courtroom.

On Monday, when the feature officially became available, Zoom said the feature can be used to recreate the feeling of a boardroom or conference auditorium in addition.

The feature allows hosts to automatically or manually place participants into a virtual scene of their choice, and hosts can move participants around that scene or resize a participants image.+

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Zoom offers some scenes to use, but participants can also upload their own. Instead of a static photo, hosts can upload a video as an Immersive View scene. Changing back to Speaker or Gallery View can be done at any time.

Imagine setting this up on a conference room screen to create a more fun and collaborative call, or using this feature in a large auditorium on a projector to hear from a panel of guest speakers.

Videoconferencing users are getting a little tired of seeing floating heads on their screens. Features like this are evidence that providers like Zoom are well aware of our growing videoconferencing fatigue – especially as the video collaboration industry heats up and becomes super competitive.

Make sure you’re helping your customers get the most our of their Zoom Rooms installations and maximize their return-on-investment by making them aware of features like Immersive View and setting them up with professional-grade video and audio devices that complement Zoom’s new features.

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