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Crestron Virtual Control VC-4 Series Control Platform Wins CI BEST Award. Here’s Why.

Crestron Virtual Control VC-4 Series control platform earns Best Electronics Systems Technologies award in large-scale control systems category.

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Crestron Virtual Control VC-4 Series Control Platform Wins CI BEST Award. Here’s Why.

It’s amazing what you can do with the push of a button these days. Crestron earned one of its 11 CI BEST Awards in 2019 thanks to its Virtual Control (VC-4 Series), a server-based control platform for enterprise applications that can supplant the need for control systems in every room.

The Crestron Virtual Control platform runs multiple control programs to control multiple rooms over the network from a single centralized location.

“For corporate enterprises, hotels, universities, and other organizations with many rooms and spaces equipped with network-connected AV, VTC, and UC systems, it may be advantageous to manage and control everything from a centralized server,” according to the Crestron company announcement.

Many installed devices can be controlled directly via Ethernet and those that require a serial, IR, or other hardware interface can be integrated via decentralized control ports on a DM NVX encoder/decoder, DM transmitter or receiver or CEN-CI3 series interface.

Wireless Crestron devices may also be integrated via an infiNET EX wireless gateway.

Crestron Virtual Control “reduces the amount of equipment required in each room, saving precious space, curtailing power requirements, and eliminating bulky, expensive equipment racks,” according to the company announcement.

The server-based platform also “allows organizations to leverage robust redundancy and security measures for increased reliability,” the Crestron announcement says.

For large buildings with many identical rooms, Crestron Virtual Control streamlines deployment and maintenance by allowing a single program to be developed and deployed quickly across multiple rooms.

Cloud based deployment, management, and monitoring is available using the Crestron XiO Cloud service.

Crestron Virtual Control is sold through authorized Crestron dealers and requires installation on a customer supplied server running the Ubuntu server operating system.

Each installation requires one VC-4-CORE license, which includes support for up to five individual rooms or “virtual control systems.” Support for additional rooms is enabled by purchasing add-on room licenses. One license is required per room.

Key Features of Crestron Virtual Control

  • Offers a centralized server-based alternative to individual hardware-based control systems in every room
  • Provides a “virtual control system” for each room over the network
  • Increases space, time and energy efficiency
  • Streamlines deployment, maintenance and management
  • Supports XiO Cloud cloud-based deployment, management and monitoring
  • Integrates directly with IP controllable devices over the network
  • Integrates with serial, IR, CEC and other controllable devices via decentralized control ports on DM, DM NVX and other networked Crestron interfaces
  • Enables server redundancy for increased reliability
  • Employs enterprise-grade security to ensure maximum reliability and privacy