Furman CN-3600 SE Conditioners Power Olympic Sports Center in Xi’an, China

The Furman CN-3600 SE smart sequencing power conditioners recently delivered reliable power control to the Olympic Sports Center in Xi’an province, China.

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Furman CN-3600 SE Conditioners Power Olympic Sports Center in Xi’an, China

The Olympic Sports Center in Xi'an, China

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Furman CN-3600 SE smart sequencing power conditioners recently delivered reliable power control to the Olympic Sports Center in China, a venue 15 times larger than Yankee Stadium.

The 4.7-million-dollar (CN¥30 million) audio installation was accomplished by distributor and integrator EZ Pro. The project was completed in record time for the 14th annual China National Games held in September 2021.

Designing the Installation

According to EZ Pro, the complex spans 9,328,726 square feet. It also encompasses three large areas: a main stadium with 60,000 seats, a gymnasium with 18,000 seats and an aquatic theater with 4,000 seats.

The company chose the Furman CN-3600 SE smart sequencing power conditioners as they are designed for commercial A/V installations in 220V-240V regions. The conditioners combine robust control capabilities via SmartSequencing Technology.

The power conditioners have advanced AC protection, AC noise filtration, and optional compatibility with the BlueBOLT Remote Power and Energy Management Platform. These complex A/V systems can be safely powered with a simple press of a button or turn of a key, even by nontechnical personnel.

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Smart Sequencings’ bidirectional communications ensures that multizone electronic systems are powered safely and dependably from a single control point across an entire venue. The Furman products can also be connected via current loop at runs of more than 1,000 feet with backwards compatibility with Furman’s legacy sequencers.

In addition, the CN-3600 SE can also be programmed and monitored from various devices. These include smartphones, tablets, or any web-enabled device via Telnet, direct HTTP connection, or the Panamax/Furman BlueBOLT-hosted remote power and energy management platform.

Installing the Furman CN-3600 SE Conditioners

“Our assignment was to create a world-class audio system that was advanced, stable, cost effective and flexible,” said Jiang Yongjun, technical manager of EZ Pro’s Xi’an office.

Yongjun added that the number one concern was reliability. Hence, the CN3600 SE conditioners were used to allow for start or shut down of the power supply according to the set sequence with adjustable delay time.

“We can manage and control the entire audio system effectively to avoid human error operations and reduce the impact of instantaneous switching on the power supply grid to ensure stable operation of the sound reinforcement system,” he continued.

He further revealed that the Series Multi-Stage Protection Technology and Linear Filtration Technology provided surge and spike protection and reduced AC noise.

“With the support of Furman support staff, the audio system operates stably with outstanding performance,” Yongjun concluded.

Adding the Final Touches

To ensure dependability and zero audio disruption in the event of a single point failure, EZ Pro implemented redundancy throughout the system.

Additionally, Powersoft amplifiers were selected for DSP processing. Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software was also employed along with a combination of equipment from EAW, Allen & Heath and Symetrix.

“At nearly 10 million square feet, it’s one of the larger commercial AV technology installations we’ve encountered overseas,” added Horacio Morales, director of international sales for Nortek Control.

“We salute EZ Pro’s technicians and engineers for accomplishing this amazing design and installation at such high-profile venue in such a short time. What a remarkable team they have, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them in the region,” concluded Morales.

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