Chase Bank Is Using Digital Signage for Enhanced Customer Experiences

A well-rounded approach to creating custom visual structures using digital signage.

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Chase Bank Is Using Digital Signage for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Chase Bank gave its Union Square location in San Francisco a technology facelift with this video wall.

Chase, a leader in banking, had the desire to take their customer experience to the next level with digital signage.

Their technical and in-store design team’s vision was to create a media wall that would add to the customer experience and create a welcoming environment for new and existing clients. The flagship installation of the video wall took place in a location in downtown San Francisco that was sure to generate a large amount of foot traffic and customer views. It was the perfect opportunity to test how a new digital display would interact with their clients. This amazing visual structure would be right inside of the main entrance. It is sure to be seen by every customer entering the store and creates a sense of attraction to those who view it from outside their glass windows.

With the team at John Ryan selected as the integrator partner, they started what would be a 54-day project from start to finish with the goal to provide Chase a captivating video wall. During the initial site visit, it was determined that the video wall would need to be created in a curved shape due to the structure of the building. With Premier Mount’s expertise and experience in visual structures, we were able to provide the John Ryan team a detailed specification sheet for the projects depth and radius so that an appropriate wall could be built and filled with high-resolution display monitors. In addition, it was determined that a recessed video wall would be ideal in order to ensure the building was ADA compliant for all clients who enter.

Once the parameters were set, the team at John Ryan considered the components that would be needed to complete the 6×3 video wall including displays, racks, cabling, mounts and content. An integral part of the project’s completion was the need for a high-quality mounting solution that made maintenance of the video wall easy.

For this reason, Premier Mounts’ press and release LMV mount was selected to complete the project. With a light press on the bezel of the display and a flip of the service kickstand, the LMV will extend out 8in from the wall and provide 16 degrees of clear access to the rear of the display to easily access all technical inputs for the display panels. No latches or strings are required to make it quick and easy to service. Premier Mounts was able to assess the client needs and create a solution which was more visually appealing and cost effective using stock products rather than custom solutions. The wall ended up recessed 1.35 feet into the wall and the LCD displays were installed with perfect seam alignment that was within 0.050” of each other.

Because of the complexity of the curved and recessed design, Premier Mounts had a member of the solution group team onsite during the installation to ensure a smooth and on-time deployment. In the end, Premier Mounts and John Ryan completed a successful flagship rollout. There are now several Chase Bank locations that incorporate a digital display located behind their tellers that inform their clients of all the ongoing and upcoming promotions. The creation of these digital structures allows for Chase to properly convey their digital media content in an interactive and visually appealing method that sets them apart as a bank that is innovating for the future.

Chuck Palmer, who runs the digital signage network in Chase branches, commented that “this installation is the result of many people in many companies working tirelessly. The 18-screen array and the beautiful imagery are examples of the numerous innovations in the branch.”

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