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Choosing the Right Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage provides businesses with the opportunity to capitalize on the customer experience, which will be even more important as businesses are able to welcome customers back after being closed for the last year. Digital signage will continue to be a way to educate and inform.

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Choosing the Right Digital Signage Solution

The adage is true for the location of your business — and it’s just as true for the location of your digital signage. Where businesses place digital displays and information really depends on the information you need your customers and guests to know. Engaging customers even before they enter the facility can provide necessary and actionable information. One trend we have seen throughout the pandemic is the installation of outward facing displays. A digital LED poster or LCD screen bright enough to be placed outside of the entrance or in the window where customers can see the information without even entering your business is ideal for keeping social distancing measures in place. For example, businesses can display messages conveying rules and regulations, or to communicate capacity limits. Positioning this information on an outward facing display provides customers the information they need before they need it and improves their experience.

With the rise of outward facing digital signage, we are also seeing the QR code take center stage again. It makes sense — it’s a simple, no human contact, no touch solution for customers and guests to get information right on their smartphone. Restaurants, retailers and other businesses are also finding ways to implement QR codes. For example, restaurants have overwhelmingly opted to upload their menu online and create a QR code which they place at dining tables, in the front windows, or entrance door for those wanting to order curbside. Guests simply scan the code and browse the menu or promotions on their smartphones; again, reducing the need to touch a menu by both the guest and the server. Businesses can dynamically change the QR code and content depending on the time of day or real-time conditions to easily share information or promote special products and services.

Once you implement digital signage, the question of what you communicate comes into play. The most effective way to communicate is using less words and more graphics. By now, we all universally know that two hands with some bubbles means “Wash your hands” and a face with a mask means you should have one on to enter a building. Using universal graphics to convey messages to your customers will help maximize your digital signage use. As you look ahead and consider new digital signage solutions, purchasing a modular solution that can transition with your business as needs change is the ideal option.

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