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LG Digital Signage Helps Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Overcome Ambient Challenges

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Belk Theater uses LG Digital Signage to marry a need for digital displays with the preservation of Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Belk Theater’s aesthetics.

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Robert Schoneman, special Events and projects manager, explains Blumenthal Performing Arts Center's unique digital signage challenges.

Adding digital signage in a culturally significant building that was built in 1992 before digital signage was a priority can be a challenge. Such was the case for the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Belk Theater in North Carolina, which ultimately chose LG digital signage to overcome ambient light levels and wide viewing angle requirements.

Robert Schoneman, special Events and projects manager for Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, outlines several challenges in a video case study provided by LG Displays.

  • Displays needed to be bright enough to be seen amid light produced by large windows.
  • Due to the nature of audience members milling around during intermissions, before shows, and at concession stands, the displays need to be visible at a high-quality from wide viewing angles.
  • Since the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center staff handled the deployment, installation had to be straightforward and simple.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center AV team ultimately chose 47-, 55- and 60-inch LG Commercial Lite TVs at the concession stands, main entrance of the theater and throughout the lobby. It purchased and installed a total of 15 LG Commercial Lite TVs — an entry-level and relatively inexpensive display — across three floors of the theater lobby.

In the video, Schoneman says that many of the commercial displays he’s previously considered look a little too industrial. He likes the look of the LG Commercial Lite TVs and that was an important factor since they have to blend into a carefully planned environment.

“One thing that was very important was the physical look of the displays, a lot of commercial displays don’t look nice and don’t fit into the aesthetic of our lobby space,” he says. “The fact that the LG displays were beautiful looking and had good quality audio as well as having all of the features we needed was paramount.”

Check out the video above to learn more about Blumenthal Performing Arts Center’s deployment of LG digital signage.

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