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Carousel Digital Signage Launches SaaS Cloud-based Digital Signage

The subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) Carousel Cloud is a cloud-based digital signage platform from Carousel Digital Signage matches on-premise functionality and enhances Apple TV networks.

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Carousel Digital Signage Launches SaaS Cloud-based Digital Signage

Carousel Cloud is a cloud-based digital signage platform from Carousel Digital Signage

AV integrators are often wondering what offerings can be rolled out as-a-service.

Well, Carousel Digital Signage is making it an easier decision, having announced its software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based digital signage platform.

Carousel Cloud is ideal for any business seeking an off-premise hosted digital signage service with limitless scalability and especially valuable for accelerating deployments and lowering total cost of ownership across networks that use Apple TV devices as media players, according to a Carousel Digital Signage press release.

Inside Carousel Cloud (via press release):

Carousel Cloud brings the standard benefits of any cloud service, eliminating the expense and maintenance associated with traditional hardware servers. Instead, Carousel Cloud delivers a lightweight, software-defined architecture that is centralized within an offsite IT infrastructure, with the ability to easily scale networks.

The result is an enterprise-wide digital signage platform that keeps the focus on content development and audience engagement, with expansion limited only by the size of the organization. Carousel Cloud’s centralized platform also accommodates more users from more locations, keeping playlists fresh and networks dynamic.

Carousel Digital Signage customers that use Apple TV devices for content playout will find additional value in migrating to Carousel Cloud from both a cost and deployment perspective, according to CEO JJ Parker.

“Carousel Digital Signage is natively supported in Apple TV devices, which means that content is immediately available for presentation upon being connected to the signage network,” said Carousel Digital Sigange CEO JJ Parker.

“Carousel Cloud customers can now take advantage of these same seamless networking capabilities through an off-premise architecture, which makes this especially attractive for users in classrooms and conference rooms where real estate for onsite infrastructure is at a premium. The already low price point of using Apple TV devices as media players is further enhanced through Carousel Cloud’s cost-efficient subscription model, as well as plug-and-play design that will have new screens operational within minutes.”

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